Make Your City Creative Workshop

Make Your City is a project run by Maker Institute which is a subsidiary of ČVUT, VŠCHT Praha
and NTK, located at Kampus Dejvice. Anyone interested can get involved, learn and participate
in DIY, community engagement and environmental overlap.
Lecturers: MSc., MArch, Leyla Yunis
Professional guarantor: Ing. arch. Dana Matějovská, Ph.D.
Support: Architecture Students’ Association // Spolek posluchačů architektury – SPA
Make Your City project has three main goals:
– to teach people how to engage with the city and bring more greenery to the streets
– to create new neighborhood meeting points
– to fabricate adaptive modules that can connect citizens with their public space.
Apply here: Time for application has ended.
Make You City has five main stages:
– workshops for public in Skautský institut to build 20 mobile modules
– participation of architecture students in designing and fabricating 5 of these 20 modules
– installing the project at the VEKTOR PROJEKT
– participation of architecture students in designing next station and moving trees around
Prague 6
– planting trees around Prague region at the end of October
Via Make Your City creative workshop may students of architecture make their ideas happen
and help improve the city’s public spaces together with Maker Institute, Skautský Institut, with
the support of Prague 6. Becoming part of a project, students will revitalize life on campus and
other areas around the city and learn about moving gardens. They will also gain basic
knowledge of joinery.
Submission requirements
– Designs should state function and purpose inside public space
– Fabrication step-by-step (DIY process clearly shown in axonometry)
– Individual or groups will work on one module/cart together from design-to-fabrication
– Design must fit the original chassis configuration and sketch of how to connect to original
– Modules can host some greenery, in the form of flower beds or other
– All modules will be carried by people, overall weight should not exceed 120 kilos
Design and fabrication
The chassis will be provided and some material, however the majority of the material should be
reused material. Material stipend can be supplied by Maker Institute, teams should be in charge
of collecting material and organizing the fabrication on their own.

Friday 8/4 

  • Presentation of the project – lecture
  • Introduction of the workshop plan
  • ideation, designing of the modules, sketching
  • space for teams to share concepts they have so far

Saturday 9/4

  • designing, detail work on modeling
  • 3D modeling
  • assumption, preparation of the
  • material and fabric estimation (sourcing and planning)

Friday 22/4

  • workshop time (making of the modules)
  • lecture

Saturday 23/4

  • workshop time (making of the modules)
  • present of finished carts

Thursday 5/5

  • module installation preparation
  • installation (parking carts on spots)
  • presentation on the Vektor project for public

Another day

  • Planning of next station and arrangement 
Capacity: 15 – 20 participants – 5 groups
Participate can groups or individuals, that will be assigned to the groups during the workshop.
Reward: 2 credits
Project Outcomes
Present fabricated modules at the VEKTOR PROJEKT and design the next station around
Apply here: Time for application has ended.